What Is Data Science?

Data Science is one modern trending technology. In this article, we will discuss deeply What Is Data Science? and how to become a good data scientist.

What is data science in simple words?

Data science is a modern advanced technology to analysis techniques and modern scientific principles. It is used to extract pieces of information from data for decision-making and strategic planning. It is a highly advanced technology to increase business volume and increase efficiency. In other words, data science is a collection of programming knowledge, algorithms, maths, and statics. It is widely used in Machine learning algorithms and used to make many Artificial Intelligence systems.

What Is The Scope Of Data Science In the Future?

The demand for Data Science experts is increasing day by day. Data science is spread all the parts of the world, not only on the technical side. I already mentioned above data science is the combination of programming, algorithms, maths, and statics. According to Glassdoor the demand for a data scientist is increased by 70% compared to the previous year (2021).

Data Science
Data science

In the business area, all are trying to increase their productivity and increase their sale. Through Data science we got complete pieces of information about how is this possible. And how to target the audience to get a better response. All the information as are given after extracting data through the various algorithms.

For example, if you are planning to start one business, the scope of the business in the world according to this situation, how much percentage success rate is this all the values are taken through this technology to compared to previous data.

In the field of Agriculture, data science is used to identify the correct crops according to the atmosphere, detect the diseases in crops, and monitor the soil.

How To Become A Data Scientist

Working as a data scientist is very challenging. There are various degrees are available now in this world in the field of Data Science from various universities. Then a number of high-quality online courses are available online. In my view first, we are taking a bachelorā€™s degree in data science, data analytics, computer, engineering, mathematics, and statics.

Best Online Courses for Data Science | Which Online Course Is Best For Data Science?

According to top-rated courses, top valuable course content, and certification value and reputations, of course, providing platforms we are listed best online courses and degree courses.

Applied Data Science with Python

It is an intermediate-level course. It is good for students to have some python programming knowledge. It includes one hands-on project in this course. After the course and project students will achieve a certificate.

Coursera Data Science Specialization-Johs Hopkins University

It is a beginner-level course 11 months course and it is based on the R programming language (approximately 11 months).

Udemy Online Courses-Python For Data Science & Machine Learning

This is another booming course and it includes machine learning algorithms, big data analysis, and python programming.

Udemy-Machine Learning A-Z

It includes both R programming and python programming languages. Then It also includes machine learning algorithms.

Online PG Programs In Data Science In India

  • UpGrad ( Affiliated with IIT Bangalore )
  • Great Learning for Data Science
  • Applied AI course

Free Online Courses Data Science

  • The Top 5 Machine Learning Libraries in Python
  • Introduction to Data Science Using Python Programming
  • R-basics- R programming language introduction

Salary Of Data Scientist

According to a survey the world faced huge shortages in this data science experts. Companies are provided with very high salaries in this field. In India, beginner-level data science has 500,000 rupees per year.

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