Agnipath Scheme Explainer

New recruitment in the Indian Armed force is known as Agnipath Scheme.

What Is Agnipath Scheme?

Indian government new recruitment within Indian armed force. On June 14, the defense minister said in après conference ‘the cabinet committee on security has taken a historic decision today”. That is the Agnipath scheme.

Through the scheme, people can join the Indian armed force within a four-year agreement. People can select likes before and after five years 75% of soldiers are terminated and the other 25% of soldiers are moved to the permanent position. The terminated people can only get around 11.75 Lacks rupees. They have no pension scheme.

Can Girls Join The Agnipath Scheme

Any men and women aged between 17.5 to 23 joined the Indian armed force under the scheme. The first time, the age difference was 17.5 to 21. After some issues, the age was increased to 23.

Background of Agnipath Scheme

Due to covid 19 pandemic since 2019 no recruitments was done by the Indian Armed force till now. Every year around 50000-60000 soldiers are taken retirement from service. So force faced experienced manpower in various situations. That’s the reason why the recruitment mode converting like this.

Who Is Eligible For The Scheme

Men and women between the periods of17.5 and 21 will be signed for the fortified forces under this scheme. After four times, Agniveers will be suitable to apply freely for the regular skeleton. Grounded on merit, and organization demand, up to 25 percent shall be named from that batch” Lt Gen Puri informed further.” We’ll give an occasion to the youth to serve the nation for a short and long duration, as Agniveers. We’re giving youth a chance for both long and short- duration service.

How To Apply Agnipath Scheme

People can apply through the government armed website. The first rally will start in September-October 2022.

What Is The Salary Package Under This Scheme?

The salary package of Rs 4.76 lakh up to 6.92 lakh. After the 4th year soldiers will get a Seva Nidhi package of approximately Rs 11.71 lakh (tax-free).

Advantages of the Agnipath Scheme

  • Agnipath will give an occasion to the youth to serve the nation for a short and long duration, as Agniveers.
  • The salary package of Rs 4.76 lakh up to 6.92 lakh.
  • Improve the Skills and qualifications through this.

Why Protest Against Agnipath Scheme

Job security and pension are two main issues said by the protesters. Through this scheme soldiers only can work a minimum of 4 years. The next reason is the age category.

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